Blazing Mind vs. Efficiently Organized Normal Mind

I have a difficult time with mundane office tasks. Most who would look at my desk would say that I’m insanely disorganized, with stacks of papers on my desk, a mish-mash of office supplies and post-its slathered amid the stacks.

To the untrained eye this would appear incongruous with an organized mind. Well, this blog is called Blazing Mind not Efficiently Organized Mind. That’s right…I hate filing. When I have used a filing system in the past I’d eventually pull files from the chest and stack them on my desk. I’d trade papers for files filled with papers.

A Blazing Mind isn’t necessarily a conventionally organized mind. My thoughts could be all over the place for a while (like the papers on my desk), but within a few keystrokes I could find the zone and write for hours on end, copy that would need little re-writing, stuff I’d be proud enough of to hand over to my wife for editing.

Organized thought comes in a flash, like ball lightning, an electric explosion that comes from the wild blue yonder. When I finish, my desk is still a mess – my kind of mess. I know where stuff is, just like I know that ball lightning will come again at some point.

Most people with ADD can relate. The neatly prim and proper desk with everything in its place just feels so unnatural. Typically we’re expected to keep our desks like this, with the boss getting aggravated when our true nature takes its rightful place and the desktop is buried. How inefficient is that? After all, it’s going to take a while to clutter up the desk again, right? Wouldn’t it be better to keep the clutter and maximize the Blazing Mind?

And that’s the point. Think abnormally. Don’t conform. Let your mind blaze. That’s where the sweet spot will be, right there inside the Blazing Mind zone. Don’t try jamming the square pin inside the round hole. Just find your own groove and find the flow of the positive river.

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