Creative Expression

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive, he can achieve”. Napoleon Hill wrote this truth many decades ago in his classic Think and Grow Rich.

You can achieve success. You can experience abundance of any kind. You most certainly can lead a fulfilling, authentic life. Neuroscience and positive psychology help to cultivate your mind to give your thought-life integrity and intention. But, you can’t just wish yourself into success and abundance. You must give expression to to your dreams.

Human beings are creative. Creativity is an action. It is about taking your thoughts and giving them form. This second pillar of the Sacred Triad is focused on providing you with the tools and resources you’ll need to efficiently create practices and systems to make your dreams come true.

The Creative Life is inherently messy.

The Creative Life is filled with adversity. It isn’t easy. And that’s good. Challenge is the hallmark of living a life you will love. If you are constantly being challenged, then you are fully engaged with life.

You’ll find that you’ll begin to crave challenge when you accept responsibility for creating the life you love. You’ll experience joy, frustration, intensity and fulfillment. And every moment will be worth the effort.

The Creative Life isn’t “normal”.

Ask yourself this question: “Is Bill Gates a normal guy? Is Sandra Bullock a normal woman? Are Stephen King, Anne Rice or Christopher Moore normal people?”

In some regards, of course they are. However, in some very important arenas of life they are quite abnormal. They’ve chosen paths in life that are uniquely their own. I would argue that each has set a course that could only belong to them individually. And that’s what you have to do, as well. If you want true, unadulterated joy in life, you need to be abnormal.

Fear not. You have what it takes.

You may not believe this now, but you have everything it takes to sculpt the live you love. Here at Blazing Mind we’ll bring you an endless tide of content that will prove this out. Keep coming back. Glean the stuff that’s interesting and pertinent to your unique journey.

Get used to being abnormal. It’s okay. The people who care about you will still love you.  In fact, as you gain momentum and a certain gravitas, you’ll begin attracting people to you that truly want to be around you…not a facsimilie of you.

You have what it takes. Keep going. It’s worth every moment.