Blaze On!

Nearly 30 years ago I was told by a billionaire that I had a $6 billion super computer between my ears. Being young and dumb I took that for granted.

Fast forward. After years of experiencing a lot of success but falling short in the fulfillment column, I now understand that the super computer between my ears is in constant need to fine tuning.

Blazing Mind is my way of connecting with Creative Types who want more fulfillment, satisfaction and success. It’s my way of sharing with others the lessons I have learned – and those learned by many others – that will benefit anyone who wants to have better results, experience flow, and otherwise cultivate higher degrees of happiness.

If you see something you like, let me know. If you think I’m full of it, I’d like to hear your views. No matter what, I hope you’ll find this content interesting, entertaining, educational, and, at times, inspirational. I promise you’ll get my authentic best.

And I hope the content will contribute to helping you fine-tune your super computer.