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The intention of Blazing Mind is to offer you information, resources, content, products and services that you can utilize to create the life you love.

It’s really that simple.

The blog and theme pages here are designed to give flesh to the Sacred Triad of designing an authentic life. This page is set-up to provide you with tools and resources that can help you accomplish your objectives. Some of these resources will be free of charge, others might cost something. Some will be tools I am affiliated with that pay Blazing Mind a commission if you decide to click “buy”.

We will only feature products, services and resources that we have used or tested, or have received the recommendation from someone we trust.

While it’s nice if you like something enough to buy it, we’re not attached – so you’ll never get a hard-sell. What we are interested in is if you achieve your goals.

Blazing Mind is “mission based”. That means our primary focus is on helping as many people as possible forge authentic lives that they love.

So, as we add stuff to this page, give it a look. You might find something that really propels you forward!

Blazing into the Creative Wilderness. Discover, manifest and maintain your unique creativTHUMBNAIL_IMAGE BCWe path in life. This how-to book covers everything in the creative process, helping you to cultivate a unique, fulfilling life that is based on being the highest expression of you.

The book is largely based on Jim Phelps’ 30 years of experience as a professional creative, with anecdotes, exercises and useful, practical tools that will help you establish your voice, create sustainable systems, solve problems and overcome adversity, and learn to feel comfortable with being successful in the live you love to live.