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About a year ago my wife and I were determined to make significant changes in our lives. We were experiencing stress, dissatisfaction and a general malaise. We were in a rut-filled routine that masqueraded as life.

It was my wife, Debbie, who discovered the benefits of guided meditation. In what seemed a heartbeat, our lives changed for the better. She, especially, tried out and tested multiple meditation programs. Through and through, one resource stood out as the best.

Deep Origins.

We began with their 9-day meditation experience, which took us through a variety of guided meditations, each designed for a specific purpose. Stress reduction, opening to more abundance and prosperity, healing – it was a full experience that acted as an incredible introduction. Even better, it was at no cost. We were able to experience the fruits of meditation with no financial risk.

You can, too,

Deep Origins is the creation of entrepreneur, Amish Shah. What I love about knowledgehis approach is that he doesn’t promote himself as some New Age spiritual guru who has all the esoteric B.S. fluffy answers to life’s eternal conflicts.

Instead, his programs are based upon ancient wisdom/technology, modern scientific discovery and proofs, and in-the-trenches results. This is real-life stuff that anyone – no matter your spiritual orientation or belief system, can put to use and derive benefit from almost immediately.

My promise to you is that I will only present and recommend resources that I, or someone I know and trust, have actually used and found to be beneficial.

Deep Origins receives my Five-Star recommendation. I encourage you to give it a try. Take the 9-Day Meditation Experience. You have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain.


12 thoughts on “Recommended: Deep Origins – Learn How to Meditate”

  1. Hello, I’m a big fan of “mindfulness” or any new age spiritual genre. I’m always trying to improve my life and develop myself into a better person. Sometimes I do get caught up with stress and trying to find ways to relieve stress and improve overall well beingness. So I’m interested in knowing more in details how 9 day meditation have benefitted you. Thank you.

    1. Hi Joon. Thank you for your comments! The 9-Day Meditation Experience helped me to reduce stress immediately, maintain more focus at work, and actually helped me move more quickly through certain blockages (like writer’s block). I simply felt better – I even lost 5 pounds! I have since maintained the practice, utilizing guided meditations that also include music that has a proven effect on increasing the efficacy of neural networks. I highly recommend guided meditation as an everyday practice.

  2. Thank you for this site. Glad to learn about the movement, neurotheology (aka the neuroscience of spirituality) where it takes a long hard scientific look at spiritual practices and how they affect the brain – which leads to how they affect quality of life. I agree with their findings that intense prayer and other spiritual practices impacts the brain. As a person who prays, I have first-hand experience of this. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Rodney. Thank you for your comment. I, too, have experienced first-hand the power of prayer in many forms. As a Believer, I know that we are called to a prayer life. I truly can see the difference in my day if I don’t first spend my time in prayer.

  3. I live a very stressed out life and have been looking for something to help me manage my stress levels in a more healthy way. I had looked into meditation briefly before, but had taken it seriously. Maybe I should! I appreciate this write-up and your honest review, I definitely plan on checking this out! What specific benefits have you noticed since starting meditation?

    1. Hi Jess. Thanks for your comment. Almost immediately my stress level was reduced. There is a tremendous amount of stress in my regular job, in addition to some serious health concerns my wife is facing. My anxiety level was reduced. I experienced more calm and clarity. My blood pressure actually came down and I even lost 5 pounds. I also experienced more focus and was able to move through certain blockages. I have ADD – meditation especially helped with managing my focus levels. A key for me was the guided aspect – someone knowledge and trustworthy was helping me, teaching me how to meditate effectively. That’s what I liked about this program. It also came with background music designed to improve the efficacy of neural connections – a big plus for someone with ADD! If you choose to do this program, please keep me posted on your progress. Blessings, Jim.

  4. I generally hate whenever the feeling of any kind of stress or dissatisfaction comes up in me, and i have been thinking for a while now what exactly to do to avoid such feelings. Lucky enough, i just found your article and i am going to try out your recommendation.Thanks for sharing and wish you all the best.

  5. First of all, I want to say I really like the title of your site “Blazing Mind”!

    I would love to learn how to meditate but whenever I try it seems that I cannot quiet my other thoughts enough to fully relax and get into a meditative mode.

    How are you able to ignore intruding thoughts while you meditate? Does this 9-Day Meditation Experience teach you how to quiet your other thoughts and feelings while trying to relax?

    1. HI Thomas. I have found that the 9-day experience was very helpful. Because it is guided there is less opportunity for distraction. I really understand the challenge you describe! It is not easy. I’very found that a good practice is to not try and fight the extraneous thoughts. Just let them “float by” without getting attached to them. After a while the mind may quiet. Another technique is to focus on something in your mind eye, like a candle flame. This can help to calmly focus attention.

  6. Hello, thanks for introducing this meditation program.
    It is great to hear from people, who already do it and know how it works.
    I tried meditation by myself and need to start again, because I stopped doing it.
    Especially on winter time, when a bed is best option to spend more time, to sit and meditate after longer break is not so tempting.
    I think that after couple months, I will start to sit on chair just for 10 minutes and try not to think.
    Previously it worked for me.
    Thanks for blog and reminding about importance of meditation.
    All the best, Nemira.

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