About Blazing Mind

The sole purpose behind Blazing Mind is to help you live a more authentic, fulfilling, abundant life. We do this by focusing on the Sacred Triad.

The first pillar of the Sacred Triad is Neuroscience – building the assets of your mind through brain health, positive psychology and increased knowledge. This pillar is about knowing who you are, what you want, and cultivating your mind to accomplish your dreams.

The Second Pillar of the Sacred Triad is Creative Expression. If Neuroscience is about your will and your thoughts, Creative Expression is about putting those thoughts into action. At Blazing Mind we believe that your life is one continuous form of creative expression – you create your life moment to moment, day to day. In this section you’ll find resources that will help you create authenticity, efficiency and ultimate productivity.

The final pillar, Spiritual Connection, binds the other two, providing meaning, depth and connection to others. Success, fulfillment and leading an authentic life cannot exist within isolation. Life is about connection to something bigger than ourselves that includes relationship with others and with a higher consciousness. Blazing Mind’s approach gives insight into the mysterious, while providing eminently practical ways to build spiritual connection and strength.

Blazing Mind is about you. It’s about affirming your life. Your journey is unique, and the tools and resources you’ll need to aid you living an authentic, happy life are right here at your fingertips through Blazing Mind.



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