About Jim

Blazing Mind was born nearly 20 years ago when I set on a quest to discover and cultivate my own authentic voice. For as long as I can remember I have had a restless spirit with a thirst for knowledge. Not just “in my head” knowledge, but knowledge of the heart and the spirit. During this search I discovered many resources that have helped to satisfy this thirst, and resulted in the publishing of my first book in 2015.

I am the author of Blazing into the Creative Wilderness. It’s a book for people who want to harness the creative process and produce optimal results. It’s also a book for people with ADHD…and how they can use their unique creative gifts to manifest more happiness, satisfaction and elevated performance through building their innate creative gifts.

I’ve been a Creative Type my whole life: from the time my mother put crayons in my hand and set me before a blank piece of paper, to publishing this book. I’ve worked as a successful advertising, publishing, and nonprofit executive – producing television commercials, editing national magazines, and raising millions of dollars for good causes. I’ve made a good living using my creative abilities – but something was always missing.

In 2007 I was diagnosed with ADD. After an initial bout of denial, the world and how I operated within it began to make sense. I stopped trying to be a round peg attempting to fit into a small square hole.

My book (and the books to come), along with the content you’ll find on Blazing Mind, are my way of helping anyone – whether they have ADD or just want to express their creative soul more boldly – become the Creative Type they were always meant to be.




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