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The Debate: Blessing or Curse?

Over the years I’ve browsed many blogs and other stuff on the web that focused on ADHD. I’ve heard a lot of folk bitch and moan about having ADHD. Yeah, it can really suck sometimes. No doubt. But, I prefer to think that having ADD is a blessing. After all, if just 5% of the adult population shares this unique condition, there must be something special about it…and me.

I like this post by ADHD coach Lynne Edris. She’s responding to a dude who is bemoaning his fate. I understand his feelings. At first, after being diagnosed, I did a lot of whiny “why me” schtick, too. However, I like Lynne’s take because, throughout my book I extoll the blessings (followed by tools) of possessing the condition.

She is right. How well we do with the condition comes down to our state of mind. Everything in life is a state of mind!

Will there be struggles? Of course there will be struggle! Being human means we will face difficulties every single day! No one, whether they have ADD or not, is immune! Life is hard enough…why make it worse by bitching about the hand we were dealt?

Instead, why not turn the tables? Why not choose to believe that ADD is a blessing? Believe it or not, having ADD blesses us with abilities that “normies” don’t have! I once heard an advertising executive say that creativity was the ability to make diverse connections. Those of us with ADD are experts at making connections that others cannot yet see. That’s an advantage!

I could go on and on about why I’m glad I was born with this condition. Suffice it to say, I think it is a blessing. And, I think the quicker we embrace and learn to use our wiring to our advantage, the better our lives will be.