Weed Slog Syndrome

I live and die by deadlines. As a writer I’ve abided by due dates my entire career. As someone with ADD this has been no easy task because sometimes Weed Slog Syndrome hits and there isn’t much I can do about it.

Weed Slog Syndrome?

It’s a combination of overwhelm, brain fog, and the inability to focus. You feel like you’re slogging through a mud marsh filled with ten foot tall weeds. Caffeine doesn’t work. Supplements don’t work. Even the adrenaline that sudden urgency typically brings is not present. You’re just slogged.

Well, I just got slogged. I haven’t missed a deadline in quite some time, but I did this week. Let me tell you, it made me spin.

I suck. I’m gonna get fired. It’s not my fault (my favorite). Maybe you know this script?

I made a mistake. I got a date wrong. What I wrote was pretty good. Of course, that was negated because I missed the freaking deadline.

I gave myself permission to kvetch for a bit. I think that’s better than swallowing and spinning on my self-anger. It’s a release.

And then I asked God for His grace to cover me, to forgive my humanness. And then I accepted that I had made a mistake, and that whatever consequences occurred, I would accept them with humility.

Getting Slogged isn’t an excuse. It’s like playing a football game in the snow. It’s messy, but you still have to plow through to the finish.

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