When the Blaze is Blasé

Sometimes there’s rain. Lots of rain…words pouring onto the page. The fountain never runs dry, it seems. Maybe it’s hyper-focus. Maybe it’s the elusive state of flow. Either way, I live for those times.

And then there is drought. The keyboard is a desert. There’s no water on the screen. Sometimes for days.

E.L. Doctorow said that a writer shouldn’t be too comfortable. Noise in the street is a good thing. So is a broken down computer. He says there needs to be a struggle – it’s a good thing.

Of course, as someone with ADD, if I hear an interesting noise in the street, I might get up and take a look. When I look out the window I might see something else, maybe an odd looking person walking down the sidewalk. I might daydream about that person’s life, wondering where they are going in the middle of the day, which may lead to other daydreams about where I wish I could be at that moment. Maybe a ball game (are the Giants in town?), or maybe sitting next to a creek in the mountains reading a good book. Which then leads me to my book shelf. Kerouac or King?

And then, as I browse my library, I remember…I’m supposed to be writing. Something. Anything.

I used to beat myself up for rabbit-trailing. Now I just laugh. And pray for rain.

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